Feb. 13th, 2009

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"This of course is the Hawthorn tree." The Guide said, addressing the large sprawling blackthorn bush, "The Hawthorn flowers at the pagan festival of May Day, when the whole tree becomes known as May, and it's covered with white flowers that smell of rotten meat"

a few of the children made a generic 'that's disgusting' face.

Somehow the 'Ogham trail' Guide had in fact failed to notice that the tree she was addressing was already in bloom, with tiny white-cream flowers - in the middle of February - which should have been another clue that she'd once again got it wrong. Her bored party of school children paid no attention, one boy repeatedly scuffed the toe of his shoe in the mud, over and over creating a mud-filled channel in the already muddy path, while a couple of small girls were giggling over a picture on the screen of a cell phone

A small fairy, perched extremely carefully among the thorns of the ignored hawthorn tree sniggered. Nobody at all noticed the fairy.

"Legend says that if one falls asleep under a hawthorn tree the sleeper will awake and find themselves in the land of fairy, perhaps it's better not to try that one today, children. We wouldn't want to have to tell your parents that you were lost in fairy, now would we?"

A couple of the more dutiful children chorused "no Miss". The rest ignored her.

"it's time to get your packed lunches out now dears, there should be some dry spots under the trees over there" She gestured in the direction of the Hawthorn tree.

The children trouped over to it, and other trees, and carefully sitting themselves on rocks, tree stumps and jackets pulled out assorted squashed sandwiches and cans of drink (a few of which had been badly shaken and exploded in fizzy fountains over their owners).

The watching fairy, joined now by a friend sniggered a little more, and reaching down snagged a dangling hair ribbon from a little girl while it's friend snagged a cell phone hanging out of a pocket, uninterested in the phone it chewed off the sparkly charms that hung from it and dropped the phone into a puddle.

School parties, they agreed were dull as ditch water - who wanted to lure nasty smelly children to Fairy anyhow, summer, they both agreed was much more fun.
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I've not been posting many pretties recently - I've largely been plugging away with rebuilding stock after christmas, but here's one I'm really pleased with.

Vintage mother of pearl pentacle on handmade purple Byzantine pattern Chain (it's more purple than in the picture). I had fun making it :) It's in my ebay shop



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