Feb. 23rd, 2009

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We are proud to announce the Rising of a new Sun!

Sunrise Witchcamp is rising at Coed hills in the heart of the rural Welsh Valleys,
from 20th to 24th August, 2009.

Sunrise will be a camp which fully embraces the ideal of treading
lightly on the Earth: the venue, as well as being in a beautiful
location in southern Wales, boasts a working stone circle (which,
weather permitting, will be host to our evening rituals), woods for
walking in, great views of the surrounding countryside, and best of
all, it is powered entirely by renewable energy sources.

Sunrise also aims to be a family-friendly camp. Our intention is that
there will be a choice of three paths, one just for adults, one for
adults and young people and one just for young people, where everyone
can learn the tools of magical and spiritual practice in Reclaiming
tradition, and take full part in the life of the camp community.

Sunrise Witchcamp is committed to being financially affordable, and to
that end, accommodation will primarily be camping, with a heated
indoor crash space available for those who require it.

We are finalising our budget, but are aiming to charge a sliding scale
of £150 to £200, all in. Additional donations to enable those with
lower incomes to attend will be greatly appreciated!

contact us for more information and further information at sunrisecamp@yahoo.com


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