Jun. 6th, 2009

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Here, is he long promised Selkie Bracelet - yea, it's taken me a while to get pictures taken. Sterling silver chain with sterling silver seal mother and pup charms with a central seal pup charms with labradorite beads,and tibetan silver moons, stars and spirals. It's gorgeous and there will be only one like it. I have enough of the seal charms or two more bracelets, which will be similar, but on silver plated chain, and without the seal pup charm.

the findings are steel so they won't dis-colour over time

This one will probably end up on etsy, I'm offering it here first. Each bracelet will be accompanied with an original (by me) selkie story, once destined for an ambitious project fell through, I dug it out of the ashes, and saw that it was actually good.

This one will be $75, buy it from me, here and that includes postage, buy it from etsy and it won't! This one is sold already, I'll be making another in a week or so, which will be around the $60 mark, so let me know if you're interested - I'm amazed at the speed that this one has sold.



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Ok, this is going to break my heart if it sells. I spent about 6 months 3 years ago collecting the charms and putting it together - I wore it in ritual at camp in 2007 and not worn it since, since while I love charm bracelets, I rarely ever wear them, and I would rather it be worn, not hung on the wall.

and right now I urgently need to free up some cash, and this is one of my more valuable pieces that I can part with (more random items will be following). I would like $150, it is closer to $200, possibly more given the time and effort I went to hunting down appropriate charms.

This one a sterling silver chain with a padlock clasp and safety chain (unhooked for the picture) there is a charm for each of the major arcara, plus a little goddess to start a pentacle, athame, wand and chalice for the suits to end with. Each charm is is attached to a sterling silver clasp rather than a jump ring directly onto the bracelet, so the charms can be detached and used for divination - throwing the charms rather like runes.

The bible charm (hirophrant) opens to show pages of tiny text, the skeleton (death) is articulated, and the globe (the world) spins.






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