Jun. 7th, 2009

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I'm not a big perfume person - I like what I like and don't like anything more complex than err single notes - rose, amber, linden, bluebell, violet (please not mixed together)

thus, due the needing to raise money I have a odd collection for sale - offers considered, shipping £1.50 anywhere in the world. I'm happy to do a deal on postage if people want several.

if they don't sell here, I will be listing them on ebay, but I will need to open a new account to do so - to avoid messing with business records.

For better descriptions of their smells I'd suggest heading to the appropriate website

BPAL £5 each

The Raven - 5ml, full bottle, sniffed only - about 3 years old
Yew trees - 5ml, full bottle, sniffed only - about 3 years old

Lush solid perfumes £2 (5 in the shop)

Fever - smells of carnations - sniffed only
Potion - smells nice - sniffed only

Demeter - pick-me-up sprays 30mls

Lilac - what it says on the label, New, - it's pretty close (I think) I've tested it once - £8

Earl Grey Tea - ditto - I've decided I'd rather drink the tea than smell of it, this one's also only been tested lightly, but the label is a bit scruffy, and one of the old style rounded bottles rather than the newer square ones - £6

Fraser Fir - smells close to christmas trees - again, I like them in the living room, not on my skin - old style bottle again, lightly tested, label fine
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These would be on amazon but amazon has decided to block my seller account owing to a prick leaving negative feedback, since I have such low turnover on my amazon sales, that gives me 100% negative feedback and is enough to close me down - sure, I can appeal the decision....but hey - we're dealing with amazon here. gits.

confessions of a pagan nun - Kate Horsley, perfect condition (un read) save for small red dot on the bottom £5 including p&p

The Embroidery Stitch Bible - Betty Barnden - also close to perfect hardback £8 including postage (it's heavy) - I realise I tend to make stitches up as i go along, and traditional embroidery isn't for me.

Soul Collage: An intuitive Collage Process for individuals and groups - Seena B Frost - brand new, never read £10 including p&p (amazon.co.uk have it for £11 not including postage). While I love other peoples collage work, I have realized I detest it as an art medium for myself, I will remain happy to admire other peoples work.

more books and music doubtless coming over the next few days.


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