Jul. 2nd, 2009

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My financial situation is currently dire, the stall last weekend was a desperate gamble that failed and left me worse off than before. sigh. these things happen - thus I am continuing the clear out, and trying to make some money at the same time.

first up CD's ideally I'd like $10 for each of these unless otherwise stated. I'm prepared to negotiate, especially if you're buying several. price includes shipping. All are in excellent condition in their cases.

for descriptions please go have a look on amazon, I've not got enough time to provide you with links!

Grace - Grace Griffith
My Life - Grace Griffith
Braighe Loch Iall- Rachel Walker
if you lived here you'd be home by now - the Nields
Oh perilous world (deluxe edition) - Rasputina - $15
Circle - Uiscedwr (they are fantastic)
Boys from the Hill - Welsh folk group - case has a crack
For love and Laughter - Solas - $12 - newest album
gun tamh - Cliar - case has small crack
Freedom's sword - Gaberlunzie
an darna umhail....the second glance - dochas
Travelling show - Dervish
cuilidh - Julie Fowlis
in electronica - corvus corax - $12
everybody else is doing it so why can't we - the cranberries - $7

Books and other paper items! price also includes postage, all in excellent condition

Dr Tatiana's sex advice to all creation - olivia judson $10 - hysterical.
Simple Crochet - Erika Knight $10 - excellent book - taught my mother fine - clearly I need even more simple.
The Law of Becoming - Kate Elliott $30 - exceedingly hard to get, the last in a four part series of which the first are much easier (though if you want them all, I can sell them as a batch for $50), it will just take me a bit longer to ship them.

the key to the kingdom cards (sealed) and book - no slip cases, I have two of these, among other things excellent for collage images if that's your thing $8 each

the marvel tarot - 2 copies, excellent condition, also great for collage images - $4 each

wood-turning jewellery - hilary bowen - great book, not my thing - $10 (it's heavy)
great book of dragon patterns - Lora Irish - I have 2 - $25 - it's really heavy. cheaper if you live in the uk ($20)

The silver branch cards - nicholas r mann - divination using druid celtic symbolism and mythology - book and 52 black and white cards - unused (though box is opened) $20 - heavy - slightly cheaper for uk folk.

8"x8" heritage papers - back ground papers and all sorts of stuff for collage - untouched, save for glue on the back cover - cover price £10 - so would love $10 for it including shipping

Quotable notables - 3" by 12" words and sayings on vellum - untouched originaly price £5 - would like $5 inc shipping

traveling altar - yeshe tsogyal $5 inc shipping - less if you're in the UK


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