Aug. 1st, 2009 10:25 pm
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ok....almost free, I need postage for these - which would be £1.50 for the UK, and £2.75 for the rest of the world! Discounts if you want several, donations gratefully received!

if you're curious please go look on - they're all there (but my postage is cheaper!)

none of these are in fantastic condition, they're all readable, and need to urgently find new homes - I'd rather give them to friends than send them to a thrift store.

Moyra Caldecott - pagan fantasy novelist, UK based (possibly Glastonbury)

The Green Lady and the King of Shadows

The tall stones - bk 1
The temple of the Sun - bk 2
Shadow on the stones - Bk 3

The Waters of Sul SOLD

Evangeline Walton - famous(!) for her retellings of the Mabinogion.

The Island of the mighty - the 4th branch - SOLD
Prince of Annwn - 1st branch - SOLD

Mary Renault
- The Bull from the Sea

Still Free - these ones are lovely editions, hardback, illustrated children's books

Kate Culhane, a ghost story - Michael Hague
The Midsummer Bride - Barbara Leonie Picard & Alan Marks - SOLD
The Magic of Ballet - Sleeping Beauty - Adele Geras & Emma Chichester Clark

For Sale. Price includes Shipping to the UK - please contact me for elsewhere, some of these are heavy

Mysteries of Demeter - rebirth of the pagan way - Jennifer Reif - hardback, excellent condition £15

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic - paperback, fine condition - £5

The Crystal healer - Marianna Sheldrake - fine condition except for black paint smudges on cover £5

The Runes of Elfland - Brian Froud and Ari Berk - Perfect condition hardback, possibly a first edition, though not pricing it as such since I'm not at all sure - £12 - SOLD

An illustrated Meditation Guide Celestial goddesses - Lisa Hunt - perfect condition, Definite first edition, possibly out of print, glorious pictures - £16

A small Book of Unicorns - perfect condition, a lovely little paper back - £4.00

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