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The Celtic Tree Ogham : an experiential and non-traditional online intensive.

Starting on 1st October 2009 for 8 weeks.

The Celtic Tree Ogham is one of the lesser known forms of divination. This ancient Celtic alphabet has some parity with the runes, ie an alphabet for which each letter also has magical significance and meaning. In this case the divinatory meaning is derived from observation of the ecological, practical as well as magical properties of twenty trees native to the British Isles, e.g. Birch, Rowan, Alder, Willow and Ash.

Interest in the Celtic Tree Ogham is beginning to grow and has expanded outwards from the British Isles, extending into countries such as the USA where many of the Celtic trees are not native to the land. Where the traditional Celtic trees are found, they frequently occupy different ecological, practical and magical niches.

In this workshop we will work on learning skills and tools to develop and build energetic connections to the trees of the Celtic Ogham, along with using other resources and research to learn about the ecology of the trees. We will learn how to translate these energies into understanding the trees that are part of our native ecosystems whether you live in mountains or the desert or even in the British Isles (!); and work towards building a personal tree ogham system that is relevant to your own land, and which may be more or less based on the traditional Celtic tree ogham system.

We will work with trees as our allies and as our teachers learning to listen to them and hearing what offerings we can make to them for their assistance in our work. We will learn some of the basic practical skills required to begin making your own ogham set if you desire.

Homework will be set by each Monday evening, I ask each participant to commit to checking in about the week’s work by the following Saturday evening so that I have time to read and respond before the next week’s work.

You will need to commit to spending time outside in nature where there are trees - whatever or wherever this means in your local area - for your workings each week. This is not an option for doing the course!

You will need a journal and writing materials – I would suggest purchasing a new journal for this work, so that your notes are not caught up in the midst of other writings - or it would be appropriate to use loose pages in a binder. You will need to be able to access research materials, whether online or offline, on trees, their ecology, practical and magical uses, as well as their use in art and literature. You may want or desire art supplies or a camera if this is one way that you like to work.

You do not need to own an ogham set for this course, though if you have one please keep it to hand.

Price sliding scale $80-$100 - please decide where on the sliding scale you are. For booking details or more information, please contact Raven at greenwomancrafts@gmail.com

registrations to be received by September 30th.

Raven Edgewalker is a British Witch who has been teaching in the Reclaiming tradition for over ten years. She loves to travel and has taught classes and Witchcamps in the UK, Germany, US, Finland and Israel. She has an on going love affair with trees, ecology and the natural world and the magic of building connections. The Celtic Tree Ogham is her favoured divination tool, and she has spent many years listening to its trees, studying it and working with it. Raven is a self-employed artist and crafts-person (yes – she makes ogham sets!), jack-of-all-trades, a poet, writer and recovering academic
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