Apr. 28th, 2009

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Dear Community!

The Sunrise Camp organising and teaching teams are delighted to announce that the theme for the first Sunrise Witchcamp will be:-

The Dragon's Egg

Awake, it is light!

In times long past, when the world was young, an ancient dragon left a
last precious egg, filled with every hope that can be fulfilled...

Weaving a nest, a stair between earth and sky, a web made of starlight
and wonder and laughter, we will nurture this egg and birth something
new and wonderful into the world, and into our lives. The dragon within us
is awakening -- in the fiery courage in our hearts, a new power to
transform ourselves and the world around us.

The Dragon rises!

Come join us in song, story, play, and magic, as
we work with the dragons, the elemental powers of the earth, and with
our ancestors, the wise ones and the spirits of the land to guide us.

This is a new camp, and a new beginning. We will celebrate the beginnings

that are possible when hope, excitement, desire, and those who believe
in the possibility of a better world come together and make real magic
together. We each, young and old, have an essential piece of the
story to tell, and we will create this tale together. We can learn
from the old ones, our ancestors, our families and our descendants, and
then carry home new dreams, new tales, and new skills and abilities, to
help us bring the power and wisdom of the dragons, and the earth, into our daily lives.

The Dragon calls!

The earth is calling. The time is now, for
all to awake, rise up and create the world that is to come, the world
which our children will inherit. Will you come, waken the dragon, and
waken yourself, through the power of song, story, dance, laughter, and
deep, powerful magic? The dragon stirs...do you hear the call?

Sunrise Witch Camp is a four day, family friendly, intensive retreat in the Reclaiming tradition, Running from the afternoon of the 20th to the evening of the 23rd of August 2009." in the fantastic, eco friendly venue of Coed Hills (http://www.coedhills.co.uk) in the Vale of Glamorgan, South Wales, UK.

Please join us in making this first camp a success and a way to weave threads of connection among the British and European Reclaiming communities. We would be delighted (and grateful) if you would forward this information to anyone who you think might be interested! if you are able to do so we have Pdf copies of flyers to print out and distribute in your local shops or at events - if you think you can help us with this please email us at the email address below, or send us your snail mail address so that we can put some copies in the post to you

Email us for a booking form or more information at: sunrisecamp@yahoo.com

and Visit our Website at http://www.freewebs.com/sunrisecamp/index.htm for more information, pictures, teaching team Bios and coming very soon path descriptions.
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