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It has come to my attention that people have been stumbling across my journal and think that they know who I am in the mundane world, maybe you do, more likely you don't.

I choose to share my life with those that I trust, that trust must be won and is not easily given, thus this journal is largely friends only.


and yes, that is a tattoo, yes, it is attached to an arm - my arm, and it is something I am very proud of.
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Our beautiful Website is LIVE

I am so proud of it, and for all of us who have worked on it, and so grateful to our amazing tec-wizard and designer.
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Heart of the Witch has a new blog post up on the Barbara-twig custom from Germany please go and check it out either via lj or via our our website and expect new entries coming on a semi-regular basis from all 5 of us.
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Habitation of the Blessed by the amazingly talented Catherynne Valente . I am dancing with excitement and impatience for my copy to arrive. Please go and check it out, please go and buy it, all Catherynne Valente writings are amazing and beautiful and this promises to be no different.

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Habitation-Blessed-SC-1/dp/...1597801992/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1288642307&sr=1-1See more
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Since I'm off to the US for three weeks, I will be closing the online shops for the first time since I've been trading (since I have no one to post things for me).

Thus my finances are about to take a huge hit.

SO for today and tomorrow I am offering free standard shipping on any order, anywhere in the world.

I MUST have your orders in by midnight UK time on Monday evening.

I will extend this offer to commissions, if I receive payment in full, and that you understand that they won't be shipped (or made) until I return.
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If you haven't already run across the lovely and talented [livejournal.com profile] stephanieburgis you should check out her LJ. Her first book is due out on april 20th next year (which is not soon enough for me) and you can read the first chapter on her website

she is currently running a prize draw for one of her ARC copies.....head here for details! (course I want one...I mean ARC copy are even more delectable than first editions!!!)

but seriously - go read her lj regardless!
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many, many BPAL imps and 1ml decants up on ebay

please go, take a look and get rid of some of them please!


Nov. 10th, 2009 06:35 pm
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The amazing and wonderful [livejournal.com profile] peleflower is creating a website for me!

go here www.greenwomancrafts.com

it is still under -construction - but please take a look - I am very excited and very grateful for all her work, and the speed she has got things moving with.

It is very possible I will be migrating to the blog over on the website. I will always keep a lj here, and will always read my friends list, but I think the focus of my work is in the process of shifting to a form that will be better suited to a public blog.
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Plans are afoot for one, possibly two live ogham workshops next May - some of the material will be similar to that in the online workshop (which will also be repeated), but there will be new material that i am not able to teach online. The definite one will be in New Hampshire at [livejournal.com profile] chelidon's wonderful place - his partner, C and I are making exciting plans. There is a possibility of a second in Chicago, though plans are not so far advanced right now.

Right now, we have a choice of two dates for NH - either the weekend of the 22nd/23rd or the following weekend - 29th/30th

people would have the option to arrive on Friday evening, and work through 'till Sunday lunchtime.

it would be great to have feedback as to which of these dates would be good - and to have an awareness of any potential date classes now, and - of course who might be interested in coming!

More information to follow shortly - or contact me at greenwomancrafts@gmail.com
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Grab them while you can (and hep my finances!) prices include shipping, paypal is great, cash is even better!!!!

Two vintage peacock powder compacts - their silver mirror remains, while a black mirror with gold leaf edging has been added to the well that would have once held the powder.

Right hand side one is $75, Left hand side is $65


Vintage Masonic Powder compact - above, this one is a little larger than the peacocks - $80


Charles Rennie Mackintosh Rose mirror compact, the regular silver mirror remains, the magnifing mirror has been removed and replaced with black glass $60


Peacock with sparkly stones - mirror compact that has again had the magnifying mirror replaced with a black mirror $55

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more items listed on ebay - largely stamps...commemorative British stamps anyone? perfect for collage or mail art.....

lure, lure, tempt tempt....I really need these gone and some cash in my pocket!

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Currently I do not have quite enough people to run this workshop, which is disappointing with the initial interesting, if you'd still like to sign up please contact me asap follow link for details.

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The Celtic Tree Ogham : an experiential and non-traditional online intensive.

Starting on 1st October 2009 for 8 weeks.

The Celtic Tree Ogham is one of the lesser known forms of divination. This ancient Celtic alphabet has some parity with the runes, ie an alphabet for which each letter also has magical significance and meaning. In this case the divinatory meaning is derived from observation of the ecological, practical as well as magical properties of twenty trees native to the British Isles, e.g. Birch, Rowan, Alder, Willow and Ash.

Interest in the Celtic Tree Ogham is beginning to grow and has expanded outwards from the British Isles, extending into countries such as the USA where many of the Celtic trees are not native to the land. Where the traditional Celtic trees are found, they frequently occupy different ecological, practical and magical niches.

In this workshop we will work on learning skills and tools to develop and build energetic connections to the trees of the Celtic Ogham, along with using other resources and research to learn about the ecology of the trees. We will learn how to translate these energies into understanding the trees that are part of our native ecosystems whether you live in mountains or the desert or even in the British Isles (!); and work towards building a personal tree ogham system that is relevant to your own land, and which may be more or less based on the traditional Celtic tree ogham system.

We will work with trees as our allies and as our teachers learning to listen to them and hearing what offerings we can make to them for their assistance in our work. We will learn some of the basic practical skills required to begin making your own ogham set if you desire.
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it strikes me that I've not posted many new things recently

This one has white peacocks, black hearts, lilac pearls and the most glorious glass bead centre piece - it's a little less than an inch in diameter, round, rough and looks like the night sky caught in glass - there's no way my lousy picture can do it justice! £40


chrysocolla and peacock charm bracelet - another lousy picture - but gorgeous little bass peacocks along with wonderful greeny-blue crysocolla beads. £22
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Here is the necklace I made, inspired by the wonderful "The Girl who Circumnavigated Fairyland" novel by the amazingly talented Catherine Valente aka [livejournal.com profile] yuki_onna for the delightful competion that's about to close over on [Unknown site tag]

Coming in rather close to the deadline owing to key issues.....yea - that key which I envisioned the whole necklace round vanished at the last minute.......thankfully, it allowed itself to be found, rather belatedly and after some desperate attempts by myself to age less appropriate keys. (it turned up in a very, very odd place)

handmade bronze Byzantine chain, made with heavy bronze rings.

A Centre piece - Victorian ornate key (it's from my wonderful writing desk) with (among others) bone clock hand, ceramic Wyverary, spoon, moon, clock parts malachite and Fire agate beads

photos, alas are somewhat lousy, owing to the key's wandering nature it's now nearly midnight and Quite, quite dark!



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More books free books for the cost of postage...

The Little book of Celtic blessings - Catlin Mathews  - £1.00 in UK, £1.75 elsewhere
In a Chariot Drawn by Lions - Asphodel Long - £2.00 UK £3.00 elsewhere
British Folk Customs - Christina Hole - 1979 old hardback £4.00 UK/£8 elsewhere
Bizengast V1 - M Alice LeGrow - £2.00/3.00
The nightmare before Christmas - Tim Burton - £1.75/2.75
Death at `Death's Door - Jill Thompson £2.00/3.00

I've lots of Katherine Kurtz in various conditions form pretty good to old and shabby - all have covers, all have pages tight, all need a home! £2.00 postage in the UK or £3.00 elsewhere - if you want them all we can talk!

Deryni Rising
Deryni Checkmate
High Deryni

Camber of Culdi
Saint Camber

The Bishop's Heir
The King's justice

In the King's service

Monica Furlong
Wise Child possibly first edition - £2.50/£3.50
Juniper (prequel) - for sale - £6.50 including p&p
Colman(sequel) - for sale - £19.99 including p&p - yea this ones rare and out of print...


Aug. 1st, 2009 10:25 pm
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ok....almost free, I need postage for these - which would be £1.50 for the UK, and £2.75 for the rest of the world! Discounts if you want several, donations gratefully received!

if you're curious please go look on amazon.co.uk - they're all there (but my postage is cheaper!)

none of these are in fantastic condition, they're all readable, and need to urgently find new homes - I'd rather give them to friends than send them to a thrift store.

Moyra Caldecott - pagan fantasy novelist, UK based (possibly Glastonbury)

The Green Lady and the King of Shadows

The tall stones - bk 1
The temple of the Sun - bk 2
Shadow on the stones - Bk 3

The Waters of Sul SOLD

Evangeline Walton - famous(!) for her retellings of the Mabinogion.

The Island of the mighty - the 4th branch - SOLD
Prince of Annwn - 1st branch - SOLD

Mary Renault
- The Bull from the Sea

Still Free - these ones are lovely editions, hardback, illustrated children's books

Kate Culhane, a ghost story - Michael Hague
The Midsummer Bride - Barbara Leonie Picard & Alan Marks - SOLD
The Magic of Ballet - Sleeping Beauty - Adele Geras & Emma Chichester Clark

For Sale. Price includes Shipping to the UK - please contact me for elsewhere, some of these are heavy

Mysteries of Demeter - rebirth of the pagan way - Jennifer Reif - hardback, excellent condition £15

Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic - paperback, fine condition - £5

The Crystal healer - Marianna Sheldrake - fine condition except for black paint smudges on cover £5

The Runes of Elfland - Brian Froud and Ari Berk - Perfect condition hardback, possibly a first edition, though not pricing it as such since I'm not at all sure - £12 - SOLD

An illustrated Meditation Guide Celestial goddesses - Lisa Hunt - perfect condition, Definite first edition, possibly out of print, glorious pictures - £16

A small Book of Unicorns - perfect condition, a lovely little paper back - £4.00

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I made this, inspired, of course by Palimpsest! it's for sale Here in my etsy store I will be donating $15 of the sale price to Cat once it sells - I wish I could do so much more, but money is a slow trickle for me once more.

I've got some Honey pendants almost finished as well!

more pictures under cut!


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I've been busy listing a lot of new stock in my shops.

This is new up in shiney


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I've been mulling this over in my head for a while as an attempt to earn some money and this morning a friend suggested it, so I'm canvasing for interest in an online - 6 week or so ogham workshop covering the basics of using the celtic tree ogham as divination, a bit about putting together a set of yourself etc etc.

would anyone be interested?

I would be charging for this - and need to sit down and work out some prices.